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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


11 Dec.

I am writing to you on an urgent matter. The Weddington Home, the mother-house of the San Fernando
Valley is about to be moved from the Valley to the Arroyo Seco off of the Pasadena Freeway. The
Weddington family established North Hollywood, Toluca Lake and impacted the development of the entire San
Fernando Valley. It is wrong that this building should be removed from our area of the city.

The Museum Community, working to establish a great regional Museum of history and culture for the entire
San Fernando Valley, urges you and your colleagues on the Los Angeles City Council to act as soon as
possible to keep the Weddington House where it belongs, in the Valley. We were just informed that at a Planning Department
hearing during the week of November 26th the Weddington family was informed that it is essentially
a "done" deal and all details for the transfer have been finalized. The family also heard that the decision was made because there is "no available place for the home in North Hollywood ". This is not accurate!

We believe that the house should be relocated near the Orange Line, perhaps at the Lankershim Train Depot or
in North Hollywood Park (a park developed by the Weddington family, across the street from a fire station developed by the Weddingtons.) The Weddington House is the last surviving original farm house, the last surviving artifact of a family
that contributed so much to the creation and success of our community. We believe that it should be easily
accessible by school children, teachers, and families in their own Valley.

The Museum Community applauds the work of Heritage Square, but the Weddington House must stay in our
Valley, where it belongs. Please let us know if you can help in this matter.

Sincerely Yours Gerald R. Fecht Ph.D.
President The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

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