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Sunday, February 6, 2022

2022 Black History Month, February 26th -The Museum SFV Speaker Series Crystal Jackson -African Americans in the SFV

To celebrate 2022 Black History Month, The Museum of the San Fernando Valley’s Speaker Series in conjunction with the Pacoima Historical Society is proud to present:

African Americans in the San Fernando Valley

As early as the 1920s, African Americans began coming to the San Fernando Valley. Although there were only a few, the 30s saw the numbers rise. By the 1950s, the Joe Louis Homes were built that attracted thousands from Los Angeles and the south to migrate to the Valley. Redlining and racial covenants prevented Blacks from living in most Valley areas. Still, this community built a rarely told oasis whose story we will share.
From the early beginnings in North Hollywood to Pacoima, the history is intriguing. Pacoima produced Heisman Trophy winners, Grammy award winners, and first Black Congresswoman from San Fernando High. This history is worth learning.  Crystal Jackson will make this presentation.

WHAT:  The Museum SFV History of Speaker Series

WHEN:  Saturday, February 26, 2022

TIME:   12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

COST:  $10/person   

(Proceeds to support both The MuseumSFV and Pacoima Historical Society)


Note: Zoom link will be sent to attendees within 24 hours of presentation.


Crystal Jackson, board member of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley and Founder and President of the Pacoima Historical Society, and filmmaker of the 2018 Pan African Film Festival Best Feature Documentary nominee “Pacoima Stories: Land of Dreams”, and author of "The Entrance: Pacoima's Story". Learn about the Pacoima you never knew and its 1500 year history will present.

Crystal was born in Pacoima in the ‘60’s. Her family had moved to the San Fernando Valley in the 1930’s, first North Hollywood, then Pacoima. Crystal graduated Granada Hills High School but went to San Fernando High her last semester to stay close to her Pacoima friends. She majored in Journalism at Cal State Northridge, but it wasn’t until Crystal moved to the Bay area to begin her Pacoima film that she realized the richness of her town’s history.

NOTE:  *** Attendees will be sent the Zoom link within 24 hours of presentation.

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The Museum SFV -Public Art Initiative - Feb 27th Artist Speaker Series - Black History Month 2022, artist Darrell Mitchell II.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley and its Public Art Initiative is pleased to offer an other special event as part of its ongoing Artist Speaker Series and in conjunction with Black History Month 2022, artist Darrell Mitchell II.

Date:   Sunday, February 27, 2022    

Time:   3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Cost:   $10/person; Students, FREE

Event:  Virtual, Zoom presentation and live Q&A

(students can send The Museum SFV and email


Zoom presentation (link to be provided within 24 hours of event)

Darrell Mitchell II is a published author, poet and artist. Since 1999, he has written and performed as a Spoken Word Artist known as D-Mitch the Poet and has also produced three spoken word albums, written and published 20 Books, and created over 150 paintings and hosted numerous painting workshops. The artist currently has performance videos that have gone viral and are currently viewed numerous times a throughout the day on national and international channels and websites.

The author’s story has been described as inspirational, powerful and enlightening. Most importantly he represents a family-friendly brand, which address everyday aspects of life and offers a different perspective. Through his work author has moved generations, influenced ideas, and empowered readers and listeners to enjoy life and achieve their dreams.

Darrell endeavors to encourage a generation to think better, write better and live better in life. As an organization we promote thinking on a creative level and assist with various aspects of performing arts through fundraising events, showcases and community outreach programs. His goal is to inspire, empower and enlighten the world through art and literature.

The Artist/Writers brand represents products that readers can easily relate to. The current catalog has built a solid foundation among readers and music enthusiast, who currently read and listens to inspirational, empowering and enlightening material. The art and spoken word poetry collection creates a connection with the reader. This collection also enlightens the reader and provides them with understanding. Each published piece is embedded with a message that challenges the reader to make a connection between ideas and concepts. More importantly, the series of artwork and poems give a testimony and explains how you can achieve your dreams by believing in them.

The Museum's Artist Speaker Series has been promoting valley artists for almost a decade. In its new home, and upon opening up again, The Museum SFV has plans for ongoing speaker series, artist workshops, youth art programming and outdoor murals and sculptures.

NOTE: ***ZOOM Link will be sent to each attendee within 24 hours of presentation.

Please join us for this special event. $10/person; students FREE

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Please support The Museum and Public Art Initiative to valley-based artists and art programming.

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