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Sunday, December 2, 2007


Dr. Robert Marshall - CSUN -explains the workings of the University Archives to Museum Board members. November 2007

Dr. Robert G. Marshall, head archivist of the Urban Archives Center and University Archives of California State University Northridge aids Board Members of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley to plan our Valley-wide archives. Here he demonstrated the massive archive vault in the Oviatt Library to Board Members Gary Fredburg, Shel Weisbach and Fred Berk.

Dr. Marshall and his associate Tony Gardner, Curator of the Special Collections/Archives of the University, emphasized how even the best meaning historical and cultural institutions without state-of-the-art preservation policies and equipment only slow down the process of the loss of priceless artifacts and documents. Issues such as security, theft, poor documentation and many other issues were presented to your Museum Community's representatives.

Establishing a great Museum of history and culture for the greater San Fernando Valley is far more than simply acquiring artifacts. Just cataloguing materials and presenting them on-line as useful digital archives is a massive undertaking.

The acquisition of a headquarters for your Museum's operations is our first priority. We must have a place to process and protect the steady stream of historic materials that are coming in our doors. This week alone we acquired an important collection of memorabilia from the US space program, collections of political memorabilia, relics from World War II, as well as significant photographs, notebooks and letters.

Thanks for supporting your Museum this last year.
We are going to make 2008 The Year of The Museum!
Jerry Fecht

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