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Saturday, March 31, 2007


My wife and I have two great friends who join us, about every two weeks, on an art-history-culture adventure somewhere in Southern California. Today we went to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. From the line at the door, the entrance fee of Seventeen Dollars didn't seem to deter anyone.
Just as we were about to get our tickets, a man behind us introduced himself as a retired LA Unified School District teacher, and added that he lives in Tarzana (coincidentally only four blocks from my home.) He asked me about my occupation, and I explained my full-time effort to bring about a great regional Museum of History and Culture for the San Fernando Valley and to secure a City-wide Museum for Los Angeles. He was overjoyed with the presence our association, and our commitment to develop The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. "This has been too long in coming," he emphasized!
The Bowers has three good shows going on. They include "Treasures From Shanghai - 5000 Years of Art and Culture," "Mummies - From the British Museum", and a fine collection of the photographs of Ansel Adams. We enjoyed our visit, ate lunch in the museum's café and spent money in the Bowers bookstore. (In case anyone has forgotten, this is called 'cultural tourism' or 'in-tourism'.) The fellow behind us in line paid for the admission of six family members or friends.
Just think of the benefits our Museum of the San Fernando Valley will bring to the 1,800,000 people who share our home.
Check out the Bowers Museum at:

Friday, March 30, 2007


The Museum of the San Fernando Valley wishes the Universal City / North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce great luck in its 97th year. To our good fortune, the Museum Board had an opportunity to share our good wishes to Chamber through Diane and Guy Weddington McCreary, guests at our March 28th meeting.

Our Museum recognizes the economic role a great regional Museum of History and Culture will play in "cultural tourism" for our Valley. Just as the Universal City / North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce encourages business development and commerce in the NoHo Arts District, Universal City and the greater North Hollywood areas, our Museum will dedicate our collective time and energy to build upon the Valley's amazing history to support the largest community of creative women and men in the United States.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley shares the goal of the Universal City / North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to create an economic environment that "fosters creative thought, artistic endeavors, and the respectful exchange of ideas."

Happy Birthday Universal City / North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


During The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's March 28th Board meeting, a brief discussion occurred concerning California State University Northridge's important on-line digital library of San Fernando Valley history. Building community support for outstanding resources such as this CSUN project is vital to their continuation and advancement! Often great projects such as this get off to a terrific start but slow severely due the lack of on-going funding. It is important that all of us are aware of CSUN's work here.

Here's the CSUN web-address I promised our Board and our Advisors last Wednesday.

Use the comment section at the bottom of this Blog/Journal segment. I'll share your thoughts with the Board of our Museum and pass them on to those in charge of the digital library at CSUN

Jerry Fecht


Second and third story windows in small town store buildings across America, often reveal the names and professions of the men and women who form the backbone of their community. Such windows still grace the little town of Marceline, Missouri where Walt Disney lived as a boy. The great animator once remarked, "To tell the truth, more things of importance happened to me in Marceline than have happened since - or are likely to in the future" 
It should then be no surprise that "Main Street USA" forms the entrance way to the Disney theme parks, and that proprietors' windows are the greatest tribute to those who made Walt Disney's dream one of the world's greatest places of enjoyment.
Walt Disney believed that having one's name and business listed on a window on Main Street, was a great and genuinely American honor.
Today March 30, 2007, the San Fernando Valley's own Roger E. Broggie's career was enshrined in California's Disneyland - Main Street USA.
In gold lettering the Broggie Window bares the symbol of the Machine Works of the Disney Studio) and promises:
• Mechanical Wonders
• Live Steam Engines
• Magical Illusions
• Cameras

Advisor to the Magic Makers

Roger E. Broggie was designated a Visionary Treasure of the San Fernando Valley by your Museum on March 24th.
The reception at Disneyland this morning was the largest known reunion of Broggie family members in America.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Every homeowner and concerned resident of the San Fernando Valley should take water conservation as a personal challenge.
One way we can beautify our homes and neighborhoods, while encouraging California songbirds and butterflies is by planting native gardens. By setting a goal of having 50% of our gardens comprised of native plants and trees, we can bring positive change to our world. And, since many San Fernando Valley residents are just now replacing plants lost in last winter's three nights of freezing weather, this is the time to "Go Native!"

Just to encourage us, the weekend of April 28 -29, is the time for the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants' "4th Annual Native Plant Garden Tour." The self-guided journey allows us to visit 30 gardens in the greater Los Angeles area - all of which have gardens of at least 50% native plants.
You can purchase tour tickets by visiting the Payne Foundation website at:

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley salutes the Theodore Payne Foundation's outstanding service to our City and Valley. Visit their plant nursery, bookstore and educational center in Sun Valley soon.


On March 28th, the Directors of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley reluctantly accepted the resignation of Mr. Martin Cooper from our Board. Marty's leadership in our organization was a great value. His energy and insights will be much missed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Having previously serving as the Director of Preservation Issue for the L.A. Conservancy, Ken Bernstein has been chosen the new Manager for the Office of Historic Resources for the City of Los Angeles. (The office is a division of the City's Department of Planning.

Bernsten as the lead staff member for the City's Cultural Heritage Commission will oversee a much needed, multi-year citywide survey of historic resources. This survey, supported in part by the Getty Foundation, is an essential step in a comprehensive historic preservation program for greater Los Angeles. Less than 15% of the City's historic resources have been surveyed. (Guess which major part of the City been left out in surveys over past decades - the San Fernando Valley!)

Now, the San Fernando Valley will at long last have a complete survey of our historical sites and resources! Our Museum plans to support this study in every way possible.

If you are interested in being placed on the Office of Historic Resources e-mail newsletter list go to:
and click on Historic Preservation


March 28, 2007
Campo de Cahuenga (2pm until 4:30pm)
3919 Lankershim Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91604

Call to Order
Presiding Officer: Gerald Fecht
Special thanks: Deuk Perrin for facilitating use of Campo de Cahuenga


Minutes from meeting of February 14, 2007

Treasurer's Report (Rania Pallad)
President's Report (Jerry Fecht)
Saving Los Angeles Conference
City-wide Survey
Future meeting with Ken Bernstein
North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce 97th year
Mark Madler - SFV Business Journal
Cal. Endowment for Humanities Grant at Valley College
Return of artifacts to Danton Burroughs
Librarian's Report (Fred Berk)

New Business:
1) Use of Anchor Education Foundation's 501c3
2) Meeting Hours
3) Resignation of Martin Cooper from Museum Board
4) Secretary of the Museum Board
5) Insurance for Board and Advisors
6) New Advisors

Old Business:

Open Discussion re: MSFV Priorities / Goals / Objectives


Next Meeting:


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It is especially gratifying when someone as busy as Shon LeBlanc takes time from his very busy schedule to help the cause of generating a great Museum of History and Culture for the San Fernando Valley. The owner of Valentino's Costumes in Van Nuys, Shon LeBlanc has designed over 600 productions in Los Angeles and other parts of the nation. Shon hold 9 Drama-Logue Awards, 6 Garland Awards (the most recent for the production, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" with James Barbour and Lynne Wintersteller at the NOHO Arts Center/Theatre, an LA Weekly Award, an Ovation Award for Theatre Neo's "The Women"
This last year Shon LeBlanc designed 6 world premier productions, including: "Manor of Trust"; "Equinox"; "One Way Ticket to Hell"; "Lizard";" Conjunto" and, "Bluebonnet Court"
Mr. LeBlanc is a founding member of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's Performing Arts Committee. He is the proprietor and chief designer of Valentino's Costumes in Van Nuys, and divides his time between Los Angeles and San Francisco, where he teaches Costume Design at the Academy of Art University.
We are especially grateful for the loan of two costumes for our recently concluded clothing exhibit. Since costumes are a major part of San Fernando Valley history, especially in the film industry, and the growing live theatre productions in our area, we hope that Shon will continue to guide the Museum as we create future costume exhibits.
Learn more about Shon LeBlanc and Valentino's Costumes at:



The Board of Directors and Advisors will be held on March 28th from 2 until 4:30pm at the historic Campo de Cahuenga.

You can download a map to the Campo at

Approaching the Campo is awkward turning left from Lankershim Blvd., so you might make a u-turn in the MTA parking lot to the north. This gets you into the Campo parking lot from a right hand turn.

Campo de Cahuenga
3919 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91604

If you are truly modern take to Orange line to the Subway Red Line and get off at Universal Station. Use the escalator to the "parking lot" and you will exit right at the Campo. (About the distance to the back of a grocery store.)

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of History and Culture. See you tomorrow! Jerry Fecht

Monday, March 26, 2007


We just received this message from Shel Weisbach, the Chair of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley's Contemporary and Popular History Committee.

A free special event hosted by the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society in April, featuring camera collector Glenn Marshall. Mr. Marshall will show an extensive collection of cameras and vintage photographs.

Sat. April 21, 2007
Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society
Saugus Train Station at Heritage Junction
Newhall, California.

Glenn Marshall will give away 20 used still cameras to his audience (first come, first serve). He will also appraise your antique cameras at the event.

For more information on this special lecture or other activities of the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society
please call:
Pat Saletore or Alan Pollack at 661-254-1275.

Website: .

Sunday, March 25, 2007


The Directors of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley wish to express our gratitude to Danton Burroughs of Tarzana for the loan of family historical materials for our just closed "Burroughs Family Exhibit. The exhibit featured books, photographs and artifacts from the lives and careers of the world famous author Edgar Rice Burroughs and noted American illustrator John Coleman Burroughs. The Burroughs family has lived in Tarzana for four generations.

Edgar Rice Burroughs earned a fortune through his famous Tarzan books. He was the grandfather of Danton Burroughs.
John Coleman Burroughs was Danton's father.

The Museum plans future exhibits based on the Burroughs family and well known Tarzana Ranch, when we secure our new headquarters and exhibit space. We are now actively collecting books and other materials on the lives of both Edgar and John Burroughs.

Steve Falk, long time San Fernando Valley resident, heads the Museum of the San Fernando Valley's effort to pursuade the United States Postal Service to issue a 4-stamp block celebrating the genius of the Burroughs family. The four stamps in the block would feature: Edgar Rice Burroughs - American author. John Coleman Burroughs - American illustrator and artist.
Tarzan of the Apes/Jane/Boy and Cheetah. And, the community of Tarzana. If you support the effort to have these stamps printed, add you comments to this blog post or contact Steve at The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


We are pleased to announce that Steve Sedlic of Woodland Hills has joined the Advisory Board of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley. Mr. Sedlic is a graduate of Chaminade High School in West Hills. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Philosophy from the University of California Berkeley, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California with emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

Mr. Sedlic has a unique background in financial planning and analysis, marketing, entrepreneurship, international trade, and academia. He is a business consultant specializing in feasibility analyses and business plans for technology-based start-ups. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and relishes the challenge of setting up, securing funding for, and launching new ventures.

Steve Sedlic will guide our Museum's efforts to serve as a "Virtual Museum" for the entire San Fernando Valley, with a special concern on reaching children and youth.

Roger E. Broggie - Treasure of the San Fernando Valley

(Oct. 1908 to Nov. 1991)

This month the Walt Disney Company will be honoring the life and creative work of one of the San Fernando Valley's most creative citizens, Roger E. Broggie. One of amazing "Imagineers" of Disney, Broggie's life itself reads nearly like a film script.
Inducted as a "Disney Legend" in 1990, Roger Broggie began his amazing career in the famous Mooseheart School in Illinois. There he was taught the woodworking and machine shops skills that would serve him, all his life. At the on-set of the Great Depression, an adventurous young Broggie came to Los Angeles determined to make his living in the "movie business." His first jobs were for Technicolor and the General Services Studio with film luminaries such as Charlie Chaplin and David O. Selznick.

In 1939 Roger Broggie went to work at Disney Studios as a precision machinist. There he installed the new multiplane camera, helped build and invent special effects and even set up the famous miniature Carolwood Pacific Railroad at Walt Disney's home.

From installations at the 1964 New York World's Fair, to special effects for films, few people in the "industry" made a greater impact on its technical advancements. But, Broggie's crowning achievements were saved for the rides and displays at Disneyland.

When you and your family next visit Disneyland, look for the special store window in the Hometown USA section that honors the life and achieves of Roger E. Broggie.

Friday, March 23, 2007


The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's Library and Archives continues to build, while we are in the process of establishing a new location. Your Museum Library adds about ten new books, journals and research documents a week.
Among our most active efforts is the acquisition of "Yearbooks." from all levels of San Fernando Valley schools, colleges and organizations. Yearbooks hold not only the names of students, teachers and group members, but reveal vital clues about institutional focus, sports, clothing styles and many other pieces to our collective history.
If you are "downsizing" or just discover a yearbook in a garage sale, please remember your Museum.
Jerry Fecht

"The San Fernando Valley deserves a great regional Museum of history and culture."

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
c/o Anchor Education Foundation Suite 419
21031 Ventura Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Saving Los Angeles Conference"

Thanks to those of you who attended the "Saving Los Angeles Conference" this last Sunday. The speakers were really good and the subjects well presented. Special thanks to Shel Weisbach (The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's chair of Contemporary / Popular Culture) who shared note-taking with me. Thanks also to our Museum's advisors, John Bwarie and Richard Bogy for attending the Conference with us.
The importance of a Museum of Los Angeles was addressed by the conference organizer Brady Westwater. Brady sees the museum located downtown, in his neighborhood district, with satellites around town. Your Museum representatives feel that the City Museum should be more like the University of California, with shared branches... example:
Los Angeles Museum San Fernando Valley
Los Angeles Museum Civic Center

What are your thoughts on this?

Book Fair and Search for Museum's Library

If any of our friends and allies plan to attend the West Valley Family YMCA's annual Pancake Breakfast on April 7th from 8 am to noon, check out the Y's "Book Drive and Book Fair."
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is assertedly collecting books, journals, year books etc. on the greater San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles area. The books you donate are a vital part of our effort to bring a significant regional museum of history and culture to the Valley.

The West Valley Family YMCA is located at 18810 Vanowen Street in Reseda (between Wilbur Ave and Reseda Blvd.)
For four bucks you can stuff yourself with pancakes, and a couple more dollars stuff your Museum Library.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
c/o Anchor Education Foundation
Suite 419
21031 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

LA Historic Resource Survey

A copy of the Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Assessment Project (Summary Report) is available to
the Board, members and organizational members of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley. Call or leave messages at Anchor Education Foundation (818) 347-9665.
Since the creation of the Los Angeles Cultural HeritageCommission Ordinance in 1962, less than 15 percent of the city has been surveyed re: its historic resources. The Getty Conservation Institute in the year 2000 commissioned a 3-part study of the potential for a city-wide survey. This document is a summary report re: the coming survey of the city.

Jerry Fecht

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monthly Meeting of the Museum

The February meeting of the Board of Directors and Advisors for the Museum of the San Fernando Valley
will be held at
Federal Historic Site
directly west across Lankershim Boulevard from the entrance of Universal Studios.
February 28th (Wednesday) from 2 to 4 pm.

The Museum's leadership will be discussing the future of the Museum and our
new goals and objectives.

Jerry Fecht

Museum Blog Begins

21 March 2001
Welcome to the Blog of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley. This Blog is intended to serve the residents of the greater San Fernando Valley (1,800,000 people).
Your Museum is a community of people who believe in "experiental" education and the preservation of our history.

Jerry Fecht President