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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Cover of "Our Town" by Lincoln Hart - 1942 - Gift to The Museum by Alice Hart - 2008
In May of 2008, your Museum was given a copy of "Our Town" by her grandfather, Lincoln Hart. Excerpts from this priceless gem will be published in this blog on an on-going basis --- why? Because Lincoln Hart's book is filled with stories that every resident of our San Fernando Valley should know.
Lincoln Hart was the Founder and First President of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society. He was one of the main heroes in the saving of Campo de Cahuenga for today and future generations. A visit to California State University's on-line history of the Valley will give you a glimpse of Hart's importance to our history and culture.
But, Lincoln Hart was not only important to San Fernando Valley history, but to the story of California film making as well. Once on the press staff of President Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln Hart was also a prolific New York theatrical writer. In large measure the many theatres of the NoHo Arts District are descendants of his devotion to the arts. He was the General Manager of Thomas Ince productions and RKO Studios in Hollywood.
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley will work to insure that Lincoln Hart's story is told, and his artifacts carefully preserved. Hart Steet in the Valley is named for him.


Early in 2008, Museum Board member Gary Fredburg acquired a 1953 Notre Dame High School "Arches" yearbook that once belonged to Wilfred Luer Von Der Ahe Jr. The high school senior lived on Oakdale Lane in Studio City. Within the 55 year old book were two "ordination cards" commemorating Bill Von Der Ahe's ordination as a Catholic priest. Checking with Notre Dame High School, we learned that Bill remained a priest until 1968. He pursued agricultural projects until his death in June of 2002. He lived in Maraposa, California.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Society - North Hills - 2008 - Photo for the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click on photo to enlarge)

MEETING TONIGHT - The Museum's Board of Directors and Advisors -
5 pm Lankershim Arts Center - NoHo Arts District

Rev. Robert McDill, minister
Unitarian Universalist Society
9550 Haskell Ave.
North Hills, California 91343

Built in 1963 by the architect Frank Ehrenthal, designed to reflect the philosophical and spiritual values of the Unitarian community of the North San Fernando Valley. Widely known as The Onion, the structure is one of the San Fernando Valley's treasures.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Continental Art Supply Reseda, CA 2008 - Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click on photo to enlarge) Photo by Gerald Fecht
The following are items catalogued by your Museum this week.

McHenry's Tail o' the Cock Restaruant (postcard)
Methodist Episcopal Church Glendale (postcard)
King's Castle (matchbook cover)
Klein, Then and Now - San Fernando Valley
NoHo BID (newsletter) Spring 2008
L.A. Cultural Affairs Historic Cultural Monuments
Tower Talk newsletter Icarian Flying Club -2 years
Jenner Bruce Jenner's Guide to the Olympics 1984
Orange County Postcard History Series
Owens River Headquarters of the Owens River
Aaronson Scene of the Crime LAPD archive
The Hideout (matchbook cover)
Highland Park Heritage Trust (brochure)
Generous Briton, The (matchbook cover)
Gender Pending - Vintage Drag on Movie Lobbies
Cooke's Poultry (matchbook cover)
Cootiette Club of the United States (booklets)
Brook's Baths (matchbook cover)
Broggie Dedication of Window (postcard & pin)
Broggie Walt Disney's Happy Place (soft cover book)
Ted Quillin Disc Jockey KFWB 1960s
San Fernando Braves (sports button)
Studio City History Project (document)
Leoncavallo (opera composer) (vintage postcard)
Lazy X (western night club) (match book cover)
Edgar Rice Burroughs - War Correspondent - (photo)
E.R. Burroughs &Glenn Morris - (photo)
Edgar Rice Burroughs - New Story (photo copy)
Edgar Rice Burroughs - Tarzan Timeline (MSFV)
E.R. Burroughs Llana of Gathol (hard back book)
E.R. Burroughs Return of Tarzan, The (hard back)
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the City of Gold
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan at the Earth's Core
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the Forbidden City
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the Foreign Legion
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan and the Leopard Men
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan Triumphant
E.R. Burroughs - Tarzan's Quest

Friday, May 23, 2008


Thanks to Miss Bird Hansen, this sculpture of Notre Dame Rocamador is at a new stage. (click on picture to enlarge)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Kings Castle Matchbook cover - Gift of Gary Fredburg 2008
There will be a meeting of the Board of Directors and Advisors of
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley on
May 28th, 2008

at the Lankershim Arts Center
North Hollywood

5:00pm until 6:00pm
Potluck snacks and discussion of Weddington House responsibilities.

6:00pm until 7:00pm
Regular meeting

Monday, May 19, 2008


McHenry's Tail o' the Cock Restaruant 12950 Ventura Boulevard, North Hollywood. Vintage postcard in the collection of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2008 - gift of Gary Fredburg (click on photo to enlarge)

Thanks to The Museum Community for the following additions to your Museum's collections.
Rasmussen - LA Unconventional: (hard back book)
Studio City - Ventura Blvd - two postcards
Hody's (postcard)
Herman Romance of Early So California Cooking
San Fernando Valley State College (postcard) 1973
San Fernando Valley (film handbill poster)
Panorama City, Greetings from..
2005 Tom La Bonge Calendar "Through My Eyes"
2007 Tom La Bonge Calendar "Take a Picture!"
2008 Tom La Bonge Calendar
Tarzana Swings Coffee Mug
Lane Ceramic Dish/Vase 1957
Landau - Outrageous L.A.
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1960 - 1961
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1961 - 1962
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1962 - 1963
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1967 - 1968
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1968 - 1969
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1969 - 1970
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1970 - 1971
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1971 - 1972
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1972 - 1973
Icarian Flying Club - Year Book 1973 - 1974
Icarian Flying Club Tower Talk Newsletters 1969
Eastern Star, Order - No Hollywood Invitation 50th
Calif Arts Commission - CA Dance Directory 1972
CA Air National Guard (raffle tickets - Nov. 1964
California Oil Fire (postcard)
Theta Chi Omega Pierce College (matchbook cover)
Zeta Tau Pierce College (matchbook cover)
Phi Delta Psi Valley & Pierce College (matchbook cov)
Zagat Survey 2001
The Zanias & the Pioneer Water Systems for Los
Angeles Southern California Quarterly - Spring 2007
United European American Club News - Oct. 1968
U.S. Olympic Com. Official Souvenir Program 1984
Van Nuys HS - 50 Year Reunion (program) May 2008
Van Nuys HS - Cinnamon Rolls Recipe 1959
Van Nuys HS - Coffee Cake Recipe 1959
Van Nuys Grammar School (postcard 1927)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Marilyn Johnson & Janne Fecht - VNHS Reunion May 2008 - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click on the photo to enlarge)

When Marilyn Immel and Janne Shreves graduated from Van Nuys High School with the class of 1958, they were among the largest graduating classes in the nation. Bob's Big Boy on Van Nuys Boulevard was still "the" place to meet friends on a Saturday night, and nearly every girl in America knew all the words to Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender". 50 years have passed and these two women and their classmates can still sing the Van Nuys High School Alma Mater and remember those brisk Valley nights when they and thousands of their schoolmates cheered on their beloved Van Nuys Wolves.

The Four Preps 2008 - Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
The Four Preps have aged despite their attempt to stay forever young. They've added and subtracted some of their performers as well. But the VNHS Reunion folks enjoyed reliving the echoes of the memories.

Friends from the Van Nuys High School Class of 1959.

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Pierce College Greek Organizations 1960s - Phi Delta Psi Archive - The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
In the 1960s Los Angeles Pierce and Los Angeles Valley College had local Greek letter organizations. The largest of these was the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity, which eventually had chapters at Valley, Pierce, LA City College, Moorpark College, Cal State Northridge and Virginia Tech. The San Fernando Valley was far more rural then, and fraternities cause less disruption to suburban life. Phi Delta Psi's alumni created the Maple Leaf Brotherhood, which continues in existence to this day. It's chief activity is the provision of scholarships on the campuses where the Fraternity had chapters. The Fraternity was founded at Valley College on October 13th, 1956 by veterans of Korean War and other students.
Theta Chi Omega and Zeta Tau were sororities at Pierce College.


Danton Burroughs Service May 17, 2008 - Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click on picture to enlarge)

An afternoon memorial service was held today at the Tarzana Community Center to honor the life of Danton Burroughs. Over 200 people braved the over 100 degree afternoon heat to pay tribute to champion of San Fernando Valley history and culture.

The following is an excerpt from a May 15 obituary in the Los Angeles Times.

"Burroughs was born June 21, 1944, in Los Angeles and grew up in Tarzana. In 1972, he earned a bachelor's degree in sociology from Cal State Northridge. His father, John Coleman Burroughs, was best known for illustrating the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He also was a photographer who documented Los Angeles as early as the 1920s. Many of his negatives burned in the April 30 fire at Danton's home, said Gerald Fecht, president of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley.

A supporter of the Valley museum, Danton also helped found the Tarzana Museum and contributed many artifacts to its collection, which is housed in the Tarzana Community and Cultural Center.
"I don't really expect to meet anyone like Danton again," Fecht said. "He had a sense of wonder, a sense of joy . . . he was absolutely a splendid person. When you were with him, it felt like vacation."

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Lane Pottery 1957 - Gift of Gary Fredburg to the Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2008
Your Museum collects fine art, folk art and craft-works related to San Fernando Valley history and culture. The Lane Ceramic Company (sometimes referred to as Sunkist Creations) operated from 14660 Arminta Street in Van Nuys, from 1959 to sometime in the mid-1960s.
This March, Gary Fredburg (member of the Board of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley) presented the Museum a fine example of Laneware. It is candy-dish in size and could be used as a bowl or a little flower vase. The exterior has a light milk- brown glaze, with flecks of ivory glaze.The interior is covered with the same ivory, Irish balique-looking glaze. It is numbered on bottom P448 - © 1957. The pottery's Museum number is:0508-001-29

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Golden Anchor Match Book Cover - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - Gift of Gary Fredburg - 2008
Gary Fredburg has been building the Museum's collections of post cards, menus, matchbook covers, graduation programs and other items that when put together give important insights into Valley culture and history. I worked, when I first got out of college, for a Hughes Market in Panorama City, but have no recollection of The Golden Anchor. It was, and still may be, at the corner of Roscoe and Van Nuys Boulevards.

These items were catalogued into the collections of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley today"
1 brass placque Sep 17 - 18, 1966 Participant S.F.V. 99's Airlift
2 A Lesson Plan for Aerobatics c. 1966 (brochure)
3 Colorado River Storage Project (booket)
4) Catalina Airport Flyers Newsletter (pamphlet) 1964
5) Enjoy the Bird Park in Catalina (brochure)
6) Enjoy the Glass Bottom Boat in Catalina (brochure)
7) California's Greatest Outdoor Play (brochure)
8) Ramona Pageant Association presents Ramona 1966 (brochure)
9) Ramona (free program) 1966
10) Queens Arms Restaurant (brunch brochure) c. 1965
11) Mission Inn Riverside, CA - (oversized art card) c. 1964
12) U.S.S. Kitty Hawk (Carrier) "Welcome Aboard" c 1964 (brochure)
13) Underground Storage of Natural Gas at Playa del Rey c. 1964 (brochure)
14) The San Fernando Valley Mineral and Gem Society Inc. 1947 (booklet)
15) Bulletin of the Tuesday Afternoon Club - Glendale April 1955 (program)
16) The Golden Anchor (matchbook cover) date unknown)

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.


Mission Inn Hotel Complex - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - c 1964 - Gift to the Museum from Beth Perrin - 2008
Your Museum collects information and artifacts related to general topics related to San Fernando Valley history. This handsome oversized art card, sold by the Cloister Art Shop in Riverside, California, will be used to show Southern California architectural and tourism themes in Museum exhibits.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Spray Can Art - Martial Arts Academy - NoHo Arts District - 2008 - Photo by Gerald Fecht for the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. click on the image to enlarge it.

"Look! It's a humming bird" Rania Pallad, shouted excitedly! And, sure enough, on the back wall of a NoHo Arts District, Martial Arts Academy there was a splendid image of the magical bird. We decided later, that the humming bird was an omen of the fabulous play "Pest Control" we were about to see at the NoHo Arts Center. The play is an Open At The Top Productions musical ---- on its way to Broadway! The spay can art in the alley by the NoHo Arts Center is "over the top" as well. I'll make sure to visit the paintings in the day light to discover the artist's name.

If you know of a mural or a public work of art in the San Fernando Valley, please let us know its location. Right now we are busy walking and studying the NoHo Historic District - Lankershim to Chander to Tujunga to Magnolia.

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.

Friday, May 9, 2008


James J. Mellon - Director Choreographer - NoHo Arts Center 2008- Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Last evening I joined playright Willard Simms and Rania Pallad Museum Board Member at the NoHo Arts Center to see 'PEST CONTROL - THE MUSICAL".
The musical was very simply sensational! I love musical theatre and Pest Control takes Valley theatre to an exciting new level.
James Mellon is very simply a treasure! Jerry Fecht

"The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture."

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Tarzana Stained Glass Window - Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley -2007 (click on photo to enlarge)
A Memorial Gathering in Memory of Danton Burroughs will be held
May 17th, 2008
Tarzana Community Center
Ventura Boulevard and Vanalden Avenue
Tarzana, CA 91356
2 PM

What good fortune lovers of history, popular culture and the adventure of good friends, have had in the life of Danton Burroughs!

After a lunch one day, Danton and I were going to our cars, when he saw this stained glass window in a Tarzana restaurant. He commented, "Look, what a beauty that is! That will make its way to someone's collection some day." I responded, "Let's hope it's the Museum of the San Fernando Valley." We both laughed.
Windows can be measured and conserved. It is now our responsibility to preserve the more fragile memory of our cherished friend, Danton.
Jerry Fecht

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Katherine Fletcher Shreves - Archive of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
The great motion picture studios of the San Fernando Valley once maintained full professional orchestras. Katherine Fletcher Shreves was an accomplished cellist, graduate of the Julliard School of Music, and resident of Studio City. She was the featured cello player for the Republic Studios classic film, The Quiet Man.
So skilled were Republic's musicians that they had but one rehearsal prior to playing for the actual recording to accompany the film. The great composer Victor Young led the Republic Orchestra and once was heard at the end of a recording, "Oh Katherine, that was so beautiful.
Victor Young and Katherine Fletcher Shreves were but two of the great musicians in San Fernando Valley history.

click to enlarge Katherine's photograph.

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.


Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks has long been noted for its creative alumni. This is an opportunity to experience a decade of recent ND alumni who have gone on to art schools in America.

click to enlarge flyer

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Llana of Gathol - by Edgar Rice Burroughs - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Jerry Berns - 2008

The sudden death of Danton Burroughs of Tarzana brings before all of us the great importance of historical documentation and preservation of our history. The recent gift to our Museum of a first edition of Llana of Gathol by Edgar Rice Burroughs, illustrated by the great Valley illustrator and photographer John Coleman Burroughs, and inscribed by Danton Burroughs in 1987 presents three generations of the great Burroughs family. The book demonstrates the creative environment of the San Fernando Valley and by being part of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley's collections, will serve to inspire generations of Valley residents and visitors for years to come.

click on photo to enlarge the image.

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

R. C. BATES - The Walking Poet

Gerald Fecht and the Poet R.C. Bates - 2008 - Photo in the archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley
Like most city people, I often too quickly dismiss people trying to sell me something on the street. But this last Saturday afternoon in the Silver Lake district, after my usual nod showing no interest, I realized that the man I had just encountered with a real poet - selling his inspirations to the world that needs inspiration badly.
I bought a book of R. C.'s work entitled "If It Ain't One Thing It's Another."
I've read the poems twice now, and once again out loud. From friends who live in the Silver Lake area of our city, I've learned that R. C. Bates offers his treasures regularly as he walks along Sunset Boulevard.
And, he graciously allowed me to be photographed with him!

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley collects the works of Los Angeles poets.
click on the picture to enlarge it to its full size.

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.


Douglas LaMarche at Santa Fe Art Colony - 2008 - Photo by Gerald Fecht for The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

In 2006 a very special exhibit featuring the works of 55 contemporary American artists occurred in Mink Belarus. Entitled From America, the show included San Fernando Valley artists Douglas LaMarche (Panorama City), Hadiya Finley (Topanga) and Emiko Miyano (Van Nuys), Visitors were also treated to works by Judy Chicago, Ed Ruscha, and the great Cynthia Minet. (Cynthia whose studio is in Los Angeles is a professor of art at Moorpark College.)
If you meet Douglas LaMarche, you'll know him right away by his fantastic wheelchair. He has amazing ideas about the convergence of art, healing and technology in the immediate future.

click on the photo of Douglas to enlarge his image.

Friday, May 2, 2008


High School Football Program - Cleveland vs Birmingham - Friday, October 11, 1968 - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg - 2008

High School Football Program - Sylmar vs Birmingham - Friday, October 27, 1967 - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg - 2008

Your Museum collects, archives and studies all aspects of popular and contemporary San Fernando Valley culture. These historic football programs feature advertisements of companies seeking student patronage. They carry articles about school sports programs and feature important graphic images of their era.


Click on photo to enlarge.
membership letter - Burbank Legion Rifle Club - Nov. 30, 1944 - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg - 2008
With "surrender" not being part of the Japanese military codes, the American government fully expected the loss of hundreds of thousands of G.I.s in the invasion of that nation. Our military intelligence revealed that ordinary civilians and school children were being trained to resist allied troops to their deaths. Military planners expected massive numbers of wounded service personnel returning to the United States. The San Fernando Valley would be one of the major receiving hospital locations in the West.
Our national leaders also expected that Japan would likely make a last ditch attack on the American homeland for the sake of discouraging the USA and boosting Japanese morale. That attack could occur on military targets nearly anywhere on the West coast, including the San Fernando Valley. Word soon reached the civilian population of the Valley through family members who worked in the regions many defense plants.
Valley veterans of World War I, who were members of the American Legion, felt they had to be prepared to defend their homes and nation. The Burbank Legion Rifle Club was one such organization. The club was 20 years old in 1944, meaning that it came into existence in 1924. By 1944 the club had 249 members, doubling from the onset of the war.
We learn from this letter that the club's secretary spent "… much time in getting the War Department to allot us ammunition, and we have enjoyed ammunition allotments far in excess of what other clubs have received, even though we did not get as much as we liked. 40,000 rounds of .22 long rifle ammunition are on their way by railway express today.."
Jerry Fecht

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Commencement Brochure - 1938 - Harvard School - North Hollywood, CA - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Gary Fredburg - 2008
22 fresh faced boys graduated from Harvard School in June of 1938. Two months earlier, the dictator Benito Mussolini had ordered his goose-stepping troops to invade Ethiopia. It is hard to imagine that these boys, with their quasi-military training would not soon find themselves in the turmoil of war. By 1941, many of them would be nearly finished with college.
With the youngest of these graduates now 85 or 85, they are likely now gone.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley collects, and cares about, the history of Valley students and schools. Share your old yearbooks and commencement programs with future generations.
The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.


One of the San Fernando Valley's greatest friends of history, Danton Burroughs has died. Dan died sometime after 10 last evening. He had struggled with Parkinson's Disease for sometime, but his death may have been related to a significant fire among his historical treasures on April 30th. Danton was the grandson of the beloved author Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan.
Danton died at his home in Tarzana, a San Fernando Valley suburb named by his grandfather. Danton was the son of the great American photographer John Coleman Burroughs. He was a founder of the Tarzana Museum and supporter of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
Danton was a member of Chi Chi Chi Fraternity at Los Angeles Pierce College and was a lifelong friend of many members of the Beta Chapter of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity.


Glendale Junior Cotillion Invitation - 1937 - Gift of Gary Fredburg 2008 - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Phyllis Hansen on her election as a member of the Board of Directors of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
One of Phyllis' first efforts on behalf of The Museum Community will be to organize and present with her committee, the much anticipated ORPHA KLINKER DAYS for the San Fernando Valley. We are "just wild about" the chance to return to 1937 and the life and times of the great Orpha.


Dr. Tyree Wieder is retiring as President of Los Angeles Valley College. She has served the San Fernando Valley and indeed all of California with great success. Dr. Wieder is a member of the Los Angeles Public Library Commission and on the Board of Directors of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley. It isn't often that a person of Dr. Wieder's leadership comes along. Good Luck Tyree in your retirement years.
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley


Letter to Lankershim, CA posted Dec. 18, 1920 - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - 2008 - from Gary Fredburg

It cost 2¢ for M. Ulmann of 632 East 15th Street in Brooklyn, New York to mail holiday greetings to his friend Paul E. Turnhaur on December 18th, 1920. Paul lived at 12429 El Nido Street in Lankershim, California.

This letter from Brooklyn reveals that the "burg" of Lankershim, California was likely unknown to people on the East coast, even to relatives or friends. The Valley in the 1920s was filled with little "dream" chicken ranches.
Were Mike and Paul former Army buddies? Kelly, who lived in South Dakota, suggests that these persons may have known each other from a common experiences, such as college or the service.

Dear Friend Paul,
Received your letter of 7th the other day I was very glad to hear from you. I was wondering why I never heard from you but after your explanation, I can readily understand.
I hope you will accept my heartiest congratulations on your getting married and best wishes for the future.
You sure have some chicken farm. Have you any other live stock? You fellows sure have a better life than city folks here east. I often wish I could get out west or to some city (small). It is nothing but hustle, hustle in N.Y. and a hard job to lay aside a little coin because no matter how much one ears, it is very easy to get rid of it in this burg. Living expenses are still very high and it looks like they will be somewhat lower in a few months.
We are having plenty of hold ups and murders here of late. It's something terrible. No doubt you read about them in the newspapers. It is getting worse instead of better.
I am still an old bachelor. Where is you burg situated? Near any large city? I dropped Kelly a card to Alexander S.D. the same time I wrote you but to date have not heard from him.
Well, nothing else of interest, so will close trusting you are well and with Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours.
I am sincerely yours "Mike"
The rest of the family wishes to be remembered to you. Write me again when you have the time. Always glad to hear from you.
The letter was from M. Ulmann.