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Monday, December 20, 2010



As the year 2010 slips into the arms of Morphius, it is a great time to continue thanking the women and men who have done so much to advance The Museum Community this year. And, no one has worked harder to bring about a great Museum of culture and history for the San Fernando Valley than Burbank's Gary Fredburg. Just a short review of the postings on this blog will reveal how many very special artifacts Gary has donated over the years since we began our work. So, here's a little photograph from Porky Johnson's historical collection to honor Gary.

Magnolia Drug Store - Burbank, California 1920 - collection of Porky Johnson 2010 (click on image to enlarge)
This photograph holds a great San Fernando Valley architectural secret. Let's see if those of you who care about the preservation and restoration of the Idle Hour Cafe in North Hollywood can discovery the mystery.

Gary Fredburg sent this internet site to explain his solution to this puzzle.

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Scott Mumford said...

As a Burbank resident, that's really a treat to see! Any idea which corner of HW & Magnolia that is? I'm wondering if that's the current location of the Portos Bakery?