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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


2009 - The Year of Valley (and Storm Lake Iowa) history.

Gertrude Kelso and Mattie Larson - Storm Lake (Iowa) - Taken September 1895 or 97 - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Dave High - July 2009 (click on image to enlarge) Refer to image HC-19

Now called the High Collection, the photographs and other items given to your Museum this summer are believed to have once belonged to members of the Weddington family. Images bearing the title Toluca along with people identified as being from Storm Lake (Iowa) add to the probability that this is true. The Weddingtons lived in Storm Lake before to Toluca, Lankershim, North Hollywood, California.
We're hoping that when the Buena Vista Country, Iowa, Historical Society gets interested, they will help us learn more about Gertrude and Mattie and why their photos came to the early San Fernando Valley.

The San Fernando Valley, in the heart of the Creative Capital of the World, deserves a great Museum of history and culture.

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