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Friday, November 15, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY                  2013

I try not to be pushy about exploring the San Fernando Valley ....... but, here's a push! As part of The Museum Community's effort to understand the challenges of maintaining a professional museum of history, culture and the arts for the San Fernando Valley, we had the good fortune to visit the historic Doctors' House Museum in Glendale. It was simply an amazing experience. I urge you to put the House on your must visit list. 

 Scott Sterling, President of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley in the restored Doctors' House parlor. He stands aside an original Edison Victrola. If the the sound was too loud, the listener would drop a stuffed sock into the horn ... "put a sock in it!" 

The parlor room of the Doctor's House. Note the wall benches restored from a visitor's memories.

Assistant Director, Peter Rusch in a genuine 1890s stove pipe hat, greets The Museum Commnity, prior to entering the Doctors House Museum.

The wall paper in the parlor room of the Doctors' House was matched from samples from the original wall coverings.

Nicknacks, crochet work and sheet music give the Doctors' House a warmth and almost lived in feeling.

No Victorian house would be complete without musical instruments. Before radio and television, a family entertained itself. Fine European prints adorn the walls.

Peter Rusch comes from the Doctors' House to greet his guests. On the roof, just above Peter and a little to the right is a large gouge. A Glendale city worker came to remove bees from the attic. He tore off part of the roof, killed the insects without any consideration for the historic shingles. The shingles remain unmatched.

A missing hallway door was matched and replaced from a nearby demolition.

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