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Sunday, April 22, 2012



Last Friday, April 20th, the Arts Committee of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley hosted its first tour of the arts and architecture of California State University Northridge. I was stationed to greet tourists at the historic Orange Grove and Botanical Pond on the southeast corner of the campus.  

It was just a little under 100 degrees when I made myself at home at the edge of five acre citrus grove and was grateful that I was at the 270 foot long stream of recycled and natural rain water. The koi and goldfish wisely kept hidden under lily pads and papyrus plants. My favorite plant is the water hyacinth (but, I think they are invasive if allowed to enter waterways like the Los Angeles River. The orange grove is especially important since it is one of the few accessible groves left in the San Fernando Valley. The 400 orange tree site was dedicated in 1972.

CSUN walking tour conducted by the Art Committee of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. (click on images to enlarge them.)

 Once there were thousands of acres of citrus trees in the San Fernando Valley. The perfume of CSUN's Orange Grove is one of the Valley's sweetest treasures.

Bronze crane hidden in the reeds of CSUN's Botanical Pond.

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Rosemary West said...

This is a part of the campus that most students never see. They don't even know it exists. But it is well worth investing a little time and energy to take the walk, smell the flowers, and be amazed at all the wildlife right there in the middle of our busy lives.