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Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is an a very important notice:

As part of our groundwork for establishing a significant regional museum of history and culture for the San Fernando Valley, members of the Museum Community have been systematically visiting and assessing historical archives of Southern California. In one such recent visit one of our Board Members discovered a significant threat to the precious archives of the Los Angeles Unified School District.
The Archives of the School District include records of the city's earliest schools, rare book donations, art, valuable maps, manuscripts, and student and community profiles. The collections are vital to scholarly research concerning the development of the largest school system in California.
The LAUSD Archives are so important that The Museum's Board and Advisors have been planning a collective visit to the location, to identify books and artifacts vital to the history of San Fernando Valley schools. The archives are presently only accessible three days a week, and they may soon be closed permanently! The modest salary of the LAUSD archivist could be eliminated this coming week.
With the loss of the archivist, the history of the public schools of Los Angeles including the San Fernando Valley will be subjected to all of the tragedies of abandonment; pilferage, disorganization and decay. We must prevent this.
The leadership of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley fully recognizes the challenges of our profoundly damaged economy, but we must demand for future generations and ourselves the protection of our art and history. The true colors of a society are obvious when it refuses to relocate its culture to inconvenience or mere luxury.
Your Museum urges you to write City Council Persons and Media Contacts today.

Gerald R. Fecht Ph.D.
President The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Please address your concerns to:

Judy Elliott

Leslie Fischer

Richard Burrows

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