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Tuesday, October 25, 2011



 The actor John Carroll and his wife Lucile Ryman Carroll once owned a popular youth ranch in Granada Hills.  I know little about the place save for the rumor that the actress Marilyn Monroe used to visit the ranch when she stayed with the Carrolls at their Hollywood apartment. Lucile Ryman was well known in the movie industry as a casting agent.

 These images are part of a undated brochure given to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Gary Fredburg in 2011.  (click on images to enlarge them.)


Unknown said...

I was a camper at the John Carroll Ranch in '62, I believe. There were only a couple of residents who stayed there while most of the kids were there for day camp.

Seeing the brochures after all these years was great! Thanks for posting them.

Unknown said...

I didn't mean my post to be anonymous. I was Ellen Sattler when I was at the Ranch.

mike cosby said...

(5 minutes with John) I lived @ 1600 hayvenhurst ave, John Carroll Ranch was on the way to my Tulsa elementary school.
In my life at 6yrs old, the family violence(alcohol) was unimaginable and the Carroll ranch
became a place where the normal, happy people who were nice to everyone. Somehow,I do not remember all the events that lead up to me being asked to join the swim team (6yr old), but I do remember being called in to that Great White House, as I came thru the rear doors I could see a smile that I will remember always, He was standing behind and to the left of a huge bar,Mr Carroll ask me to come in and sit down,He ask my name and if I wanted a coke, yes sir! I was 6yr old and this is the first time anyone except mom (Dora Cosby) had spoke to me of the good things in my life, and my potential as swimmer and "to do good, and try hard." I went on to Knollwood country club swim as AAU swimmer receiving several gold metals at L.A. coliseum junior olympics.I know it was simple for Him and not memorable, but for me He placed my feet on the ground to a future wrought with joy and sorrow all the while "To do good,and try hard" He is a great man in my life, thank you Lord. mike cosby 65yrs young.

wtf * Rants said...

I too went to the Carol Ranch .. I remember the big white House. We rode horses and some cool go Cart's.. I was around 5then and lived near by. Went to PineCrest School.. R his was so.e great memories as a kid..

Unknown said...

I only remember going swimming there in the summer. It had to be in the early '60s.

Unknown said...

When my mother's side of the family moved out to the Valley, one of my aunts lived on Chatsworth St. across the street from the John Carroll Ranch. And an Uncle took care of part of the Ranch, including the swimming pool. I was a young kid at the time, but I remember some facts about their move and jobs. Other's lived off of Hayvenhurst.

mike cosby said...

We lived @1400 hayvenhurst ave, Tulsa elementary and swimming @ the Carol ranch. Orange groves and Avacado forest!