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Tuesday, October 25, 2011



 Representatives from The Museum of the San Fernando Valley participated in the 6th Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar on October 22nd. Organized by L.A. as Subject, the gathering was held at the University of Southern California's Doheny Library. The highly attended event attracts those involved in scholarly research, ordinary folks interested in history, educators and journalists. The event represents the second year of involvement by The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.  Over 80 archives were represented. 

Fred Berk of Studio City speaks with interviewer from L.A. Archives Bazaar. Gary Fredburg, representing The Museum Board sits at the table.  Photograph at USC's Doheny Library by Phyllis Hansen.  (click on image to enlarge)  Mr. Berk acts as the Librarian of The Museum and is a former Board Member. He was among the founding members of The Museum.
See short interviews of Gary Fredburg and Fred Berk on youtube by Museum Board Member Liane Schirmer by clicking the addresses below:


Leslie Fischer, curator of the LA Unified School District's Archives (left) and intern at their table in the 6th Annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar - Photograph by Phyllis Hansen member of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's Board of Directors.  (click on image to enlarge)

Gary Fredburg, Vice President of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley in the historic Doheny Library of the University of Southern California. Photograph by Phyllis Hansen. 

Fred Berk and interviewer at USC's Doheny Library

One of the important missions of your Museum is to increase the awareness of the history, culture and art of the greater San Fernando Valley. Participating in community events from Glendale to Calabasas, giving talks, creating mobile exhibits and yes... even our blog and website are ways we are reaching out. Participating in the events of the L.A. Heritage Alliance and being part of the Los Angeles Archives Bazaar are examples of our hands-on involvement. 

 Los Angeles Archives Bazaar 2011 - Photography by Phyllis Hansen

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