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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sheet Music for "Buttons and Bows" - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg - 2010
When Paramount at Christmastime in 1948 released its popular film, The Paleface, the studio probably wasn’t thinking about making San Fernando Valley history. But, it did. The movie’s two big stars, Bob Hope and Jane Russell were among the many reasons why we called the San Fernando Valley, the heart of the creative capital of the world.
Jane Russell did her first serious acting while she attended Van Nuys High School. She was considered the sexiest woman in American, that is until her crown was stolen by another Van Nuys High School girl, Marilyn Monroe.
Bob Hope, when he wasn’t on the road doing performances and USO shows lived in the privacy of Toluca Lake. Appropriately, Bob Hope is buried in the San Fernando Valley in the Catholic cemetery in Mission Hills.

Your Museum is working on an annual calendar of San Fernando Valley notables. If you know of a celebrity in history, sports, science, film, radio, animation, or politics - let us know. We want to know about folks who have worked, had their residence, gone to school, been born or died in our amazing Valley.
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