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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


2010 -- The Year of Valley Adventures -- Northridge100
In-tourists on the Northridge Centennial bus tour - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - by Gerald Fecht (click on images to enlarge)
Encouraging residents of the San Fernando Valley to get out and see the seemingly endless treasures of our communities, is a major objective of your Museum.
Stained glass window of Faith Bible Church in Northridge.
My photographs of the exterior of old Faith Bible Church in Northridge were awful, so I'm depending on one of you folks to supply me with one for the blog. In the meanwhile, here are two interior images of this 1917 Protestant Church.
Founded by Norwegians, the building was called originally the Norsk Evangelisk Luther's Kirke, it was constructed in what has become known as the American Dakotas' Gothic Revival style. One only has to climb the steep front stairs of the church to realize that its builders were likely expecting a deep snow.
The original altar is gone, but would have been made of carved wood, similar to the original altar seen on The Museum's walking tour of Saint Paul's Lutheran Church in North Hollywood.
Faith Bible Church at 18531 Gresham Street in Northridge, is Los Angeles Cultural Monument # 152.

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