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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Matchbook cover from Astro Aviation - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg 2009 (click on image to enlarge)
San Fernando Valley Lifstyles
Only a few places in the world are graced with a Mediterranean climate, and Southern California is one. The mild winters and warm to hot summers makes life in our region nearly ideal. Naturally, our gracious climate influences how we live. However, there are other factors beyond the weather that influence how we live – earthquake preparedness and wildfire safety are important examples.
Major things like geography and geology aren’t the only modifiers of our lives. There are subtle and downright mysterious things as well. The fact that most of us are second generation residents of the Valley, at best, surrounds us with a population willing to relocate and ready to try new things. When one adds transience to a car-culture, measuring distance in time rather than miles enters our thinking and behavior. (“How far is Tarzana from North Hollywood? Oh, about 20 minutes, if it isn’t rush hour.”)
Because the San Fernando Valley is on the same latitude as Oran, Algeria and Cairo, Egypt sun-protection is a reality and our lives are very different from Americans who live in up-state New York or Chicago. Our patio-culture, is a distinct reflection of a Spanish/Mexican heritage and speaks loudly of our emphasis on privacy and internal living.
Factors such as being surrounded by the largest Persian population outside of Iran, or enough Canadian expatriots to make Los Angeles the 4th largest Canadian city, makes for great kabob restaurants and enough support for an ice hockey team.
Your Museum Community believes that the way we live, and have lived, is important to study. We invite you to explore the kaleidoscopic richness of San Fernando Valley lifestyles with us.

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