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Sunday, March 7, 2010


2010 -- The Year of Valley Adventures
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is pleased to announce the donation of the files of the disbanded history committee of the Studio City Residents Association. The files include a full set of the Residents Association's newsletters, photos of the construction of the Universal Station of the MTA subway, audio and video tapes of senior Studio City residents, and an excellent file with photos of the historic Little Brown Church, where Ronald and Nancy Reagan were married.

Langton Jr., Arthur (black and white photograph(boy fishing in the Los Angeles River - 1945 - Donated to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by the Studio City Residents Association 2010. Image 1447 (click on image to enlarge)
Notes on the back of this photograph:
“Arthur Langton (Jr.) pretending to fish in the Los Angeles River next to the bridge at Tujunga Blv. and Ventura Blvd, before th river was channeled with concrete.
Art attened Carpenter Street School from February 1946 to June 1950 end of the 6th grade. Many granite rocks from the LA River were used for garden walls in nearby property. A perfect Indian pestle was found. Later a perfect mortar was found in nearby Victory garden.
Tall trees on no, side of river attracted great blue herons, American egret, snowy egret who found food. All on house bird list of 11456 Sunshine, viewing any bird seen from."


Gerald R. Fecht said...

Patricia Evans Pinkard comments

"I like the photo. My parents had friends whose back yard included the L.A. River. They lived near Van Nuys Blvd. The river was deep enough to swim in and we would also catch crawdads. We ate 'em (after cooking, of course). Such memories from you - it's fun."

scott davidson said...

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