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Monday, March 1, 2010


2010 -- The Year of Valley Adventures
Western Boys Baseball Association - Team photo - presented to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Pat Nault March 2010. (click on image to enlarge)
Pat Nault is still trying to identify where the Western Boys Baseball League was located
in the San Fernando Valley. She sends this image along in hope that one of you baseball fans will be able to fill her in on the details. Her brother Jim, one of the lads in the photograph, is now deceased - so it's up to the Museum Community.


Gerald R. Fecht said...

Google has this league mentioned as being in Santa Monica. Likely all over the LA area.

Larry said...

The Western Boys Baseball Association I played for in 1964 was on Hazeltine Ave (east of Valerio) in Van Nuys, behind the Schlitz Brewery and Foremost Dairy.

Clark said...

Larry's got it correct. It was on Hazeltine Avenue, just north of Valerio, south of the railroad tracks, in Van Nuys, behind the old Schlitz Brewery. I played there from about 1968-1972. I believe they shut down in the late 70's. A couple of apartment buildings now occupy the space. Thanks for the memories.

Sgauero said...

The WBBA land was intially given to them by Foremost Dairy of California. This was later occupied by Shlits Brewery after Foremost moved its operations. My Father worked there. My younger Brother played one year in WBBA in1978.I myself played in Valley Catholic Baseball League for Saint Elisabeth.I do remember at one time Formost had cows in the land where the WBBA was situated.The secound post has the location spot on. However, I dont think there are any apartments there. I can be wrong since I Moved to Florida in 2007.Those were the Golden Years of the Valley.