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Saturday, March 13, 2010


2010 -- The Year of Valley Adventures -- Northridge100
Los Angeles Cultural Monument #782 - El Encanto historic barn-home - Chase Street in Northridge. Photo by Gerald Fecht for the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2010 (click on images to enlarge)
Interior of El Encanto barn-house A portion of the original Bess Farm.
Owner of El Encanto historic barn-house in Northridge, explaining the history of the Cultural Monument to visitors on the Northridge100 Centennial bus tour.

Among the most rewarding things about working to bring about a great Museum of history and culture for all of the San Fernando Valley, are the endless surprises encountered. I've lived in the Valley for most of my adult life and never heard of, or visited the wonderful old barn/home El Encanto. Thanks to the Northridge100 Tour Committee, today the farm of Major General Harris Marcy McLasky (1893-1972) came alive with our visit to the last remaining element of the historic farm, its barn. Now a very livable home, the barn rightfully deserves the farm's name, El Encanto - The Delight.

To our in-tourists' pleasure and surprise, snacks were provided in handy tote bags by the Sterling Construction Company (serving residential and commercial Los Angeles for 80 years.) Sterling Construction is located at 8860 Corbin Avenue Unit 242 in Northridge. The company's telephone is 1(818)700-8883
You can email them at

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Scott Mumford said...

Kudos to all involved for a fascinating trip through Valley history! I had no idea most of our stops even existed. It was a pleasure to learn so many interesting things about our 'home'! :-)