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Friday, February 22, 2013



Day 9 of my exploration of Ventura Boulevard. 

Thus far on my second great walk of Ventura Boulevard there have been fewer changes than I expected. Here are a few of the treasures that I discovered between Topanga Canyon and Canoga Avenues.

 Canoga Avenue at Ventura looking east.  Note the gas prices. It will be interesting to compare these figures over the years.

Tucked into a dark corner of a Ventura Boulevard shopping mall is this dark entrance to this karaoke and darts bar. From the exterior and dark hallway to the entrance, the Dirty Bull would seem small. It isn't.

Wall plates at Giovanni Ristorante - 21801 Ventura Blvd. I've eaten here several times and the food is great. The staff here are particularly warm and friendly. (click on these images to enlarge them.)

 I hope the man above is the original Giovanni - nevertheless he's on the menu cover.

One of several Jerry's Deli establishments in Los Angeles. If you have lunch here, make sure to check out the photographs of the early San Fernando Valley that decorate its wall.

 The Goddess of Mercy seems here to be a little sad in her role as a garden decoration.

I like tattoo art in a similar way that cartoon drawing appeal to me. Here on the wall of a Ventura Boulevard tattoo parlor are cartoons ready to guide the artist in his/her application to the customer's anatomy.
These are the types of images my students at Burbank Continuation School loved to draw. Can't you envision Tim Burton's note books when he sat in the back of his classes at Burbank High School?

 Image at the top of Tatsuki, a Japanese sushi bar on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.

 Ventura Boulevard looking east in Woodland Hills.

 Woodlow Music in Woodland Hills sells "real" sheet music and gives music lessons too.

 Woodlow Music is celebrating 65 years in the San Fernando Valley.

You won't find this sort of music-related things for sale in one of the big box stores in the Valley. If you have an aspiring musician in your family, or a kid who could use some "inspiration" take him or her along with you for a visit to Woodlow Music. It's a step back --- in the right direction. And, right now it is having its big 65th Anniversary Sale. (Can you tell that I love this place?)

 Revered throughout Asia, the Hindu God Ganisha protects a Thai restaurant in Woodland Hills. In turn, the kindly spirit has been offered bananas and tea.

 What would any walk of Ventura Boulevard be without a head shop?

 Check out the pink and blue tiles covering the facade of this copy & printing store.  (click on the image to enlarge it.)

This sign above Little Orchids Thai Restaurant is one of the most recognized images in the west San Fernando Valley. Food's good here too!

Please support our efforts to bring about a great Museum of history and culture for the greater San Fernando Valley.

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