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Monday, February 25, 2013



     The Museum of the San Fernando Valley has three important pillars: 1) the collection, preservation and presentation of historic documents and artifacts including oral histories of Valley residents, 2) support, collection and presentation of art made by San Fernando Valley resident. the understanding of the San Fernando Valley's complex culture today and in years past, and 3) Community support. This blog reflects these interests.
     From the encouragement of Valley opera performers singing in Italian, to providing forums for political candidates to present their positions on arts education, to celebrating the rich Middle Eastern heritage of Valley families, The Museum of the San Fernando Valley cherishes our history and reveals our amazing culture as well.  Where does your story fit in?

"My Museum     -    My Story"

     The San Fernando Valley is often referred to as a "car culture".  How has the individual automobile influenced our way of life over the years?  What are today's transportation issues, how does public transportation influence the economy and the quality of our lives?  How does a hookah bar in a Woodland Hills mall within steps of a bagel shop, relate to the changing demographics of our Valley? From the price of gasoline in North Hills to Sally Field's role in the film Lincoln, history is being made every day in the Valley before our very eyes.

Customer loyalty / redemption coupon c. 1945.  M&S Service Station Glendale - Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg 2013.

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