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Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Day Five - An exploration of Ventura Boulevard from Calabasas to the Cahuenga Pass 
Between  Fallbrook Avenue to Sale Avenues

Very early on my Ventura Boulevard walks, an interesting pattern began to emerge about street parking. Nearly every store that I've encountered has signs (some funny, others ominous) about the ease of getting parking tickets on the boulevard. Clerks and owners have warned me about "hostile" and "aggressive" parking meter readers.
With blocks and blocks of empty parking spaces on the boulevard, and expensive new parking meters constantly present, I can't help but wonder if the money raised by the meters, begins to offset the loss of business for the store keepers who pay our city's bills?

 Warning to customers at a surf board, skate board shop on Ventura Boulevard. 

Two high school age boys were at the counter. One explained that he was a "professional skate boarder." They told me that they attend an alternative high school. I asked the young "professional" for his autograph. In turn he gave me a "Kennedy" skate board sticker for my notebook.

 Surf boot that shimmered like fish scales.
(click on images to enlarge them.) 

David Kaye, owner and proprietor of Books and Memorabilia store.
22745 Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.  

Very simply, David Kaye is a San Fernando Valley treasure!  He runs the kind of traditional bookstore that allows his visitors to browse, buy a terrific gift, discove Southern California or buy a great addition to your special collection.

The Crosby Derby board game- c. 1945

David Kaye told me that Bing Crosby had an investment interest in Santa Anita Race Track.   Bing lived at the time the game was on the market,  in Toluca Lake.

Decorative grass outside of Ventura Boulevard professional building.

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