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Monday, August 29, 2011


Van Nuys is 100 this year

Jim Bateman, a high school teacher and coach for 28 years, shares this treasure of San Fernando Valley history with us. Jim lives in Chico, California.  World Series in Provo, Utah - July 1960  (click on image to enlarge it.)

Valley Green Sheet:  "Mass Windup - six pitches for East Van Nuys All Stars warm up for action in 'world series'.  From left are Jason Saleeby, Richard Stevens, Dick Parcells, George Voita, Dan Walker and Jack Hanover."
"East Van Nuys Team Participates in 'Series'."
Van Nuys - The East Van Nuys All-Stars are in Provo, Utah, representing the Valley region of the Western Boys Baseball Association, "world series" which opened Wednesday and concludes Saturday.
The East Valley Van Nuys squad, made up of boys 9 through 12 years of age, have defeated the Woodland Hills Twilight, Woodland Hills Sunset and Northridge All Stars to become regional champions and  (clipping damaged here.)
... homered. Manager Victor Saleeby said the team's strong points are pitching depth and balance, thje club has six hurlers, he said."
"Saleeby pitcher, Stevens catcher, Paul Fairbanks first base. Lang second base, Parcells third base, Dan Walker short stop, Jeff Polan left field, Bill Hall center field and Jim Bateman right field."

Jim wrote: "As you can imagine, it was a big deal for all of the kids and their families. I still remember the address of the family I lived with in Provo - 248 East, 840 North ...  We lost our 1st game to a team from Utah. Their pitcher hit two home runs, one a grand slam. He pitched a one-hitter.

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