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Saturday, August 13, 2011


John Hendry, member of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council writes:

"In regards to Birmingham Hospital, did you mention the l949 movie "The Men", starring Marlon Brando. It's Brando's first "leading role", a Stanley Kramer directed film shot at Birmingham, about WW 2 disabled veterans. 
The movie brought me back--as a 5 year old I remember my father's Air Force Reserve unit was stationed at Birmingham, and I walked through some of the dayrooms, not realizing
just what they had been.-

Even more odd--there's a WW 2 broadcast of "Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mc Carthy", preserved somewhere that was recorded at Van Nuys High, for the Birmingham patients.  I heard it--surprisingly I couldn't find it--though you can access many "Edgar Bergen" broadcasts on the Internet."

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Anonymous said...

I uploaded the Van Nuys show.

(I found this site after I heard a Bob Hope broadcast from Birmingham Army Hospital - interesting thanks.)

I uploaded that show also: