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Friday, May 13, 2011



David Keesey shares a memory:
"I still remember going to the S and  H Green Stamp store roaming through the shelves looking for items that we could get with the amount of books we had saved. All that licking and the taste of those stamps. Going to the gas stations to receive them along with drinking glasses. What about getting the towels in your favorite soap boxes.
I still have the spindles for my 45 records which I continue to listen too. The drive-in movies at the Canyon Drive-In and later at Van Nuys Drive-In on Sepulveda Boulevard.
I couldn't wait to ask my grandma if she had any laundry to do as I loved to pull the clothes as they came through the wringer washer! Then put them on the clothesline to dry. Oh, those carefree days of yesteryear.
Who doesn't remember those flocked Christmas trees with the color wheel."

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California Girl said...

Well remembered David. I too remember all those things. My mother saved green stamps & blue chip stamps. I remember the Blue Chip store was on the corner of Topanga Cyn & Victory (pretty sure). She picked out a steam iron once. We had an ironing lady when we lived in Van Nuys and early on in Woodland Hills. I think Mom paid her 10 cents a shirt but I may be wrong. Funny thing is, I also remembe my mother ironing in front of the tv, standing up watching Jack LaLanne's b/w exercise show. Jumping Jacks...

The Sepulveda Drive In was the most affordable night out in the Valley. In the late Sixties, they charged by the car load. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was $1.25 per car. Anyone?

Drinking glasses, dinner ware, men in uniform checking your tire pressure, your oil, filling the tank. My brother was one of the last of those in the early 70s.

So many interesting fond memories.