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Monday, May 2, 2011


Van Nuys is a 100 this year

     I am just now editing photographs taken across the San Fernando Valley in the last couple of days. My home office has been under attack while the house got painted, furniture in the family room recovered and a chocolate Labrador learning that she can roll around on the first step into the swimming pool.
     Despite my minor grief, I just couldn't put off sharing this picture of the great organ in the Christian Science church in Van Nuys.

     Richard Hilton and I got to hear this fine instrument at work just before we left the church. It was a warm California night, night students were arriving at Van Nuys Adult School and a high energy pickup soccer game was going on in the church's parking lot. Somehow, the sounds of the great organ, the chatter of anxious students on their way to class and the punch of a soccer ball made us feel very much at home in the "Town that was started right," ...  Van Nuys.

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Aitch said...

Looking for folks who were Christian Scientists in the Valley during the 40s, 50s, early 60s. I am an independent researcher and this is for a project I'm working on. Thank you ahead of time!!

Denver, CO.