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Saturday, May 14, 2011


DISCOVERING OUR VALLEY   2011        Orcutt Ranch

     Art Jacobs writes:
     "Just thought I would forward some pictures of just one of the Valley's tiny unknown gems. I've lived in the Valley almost 50 years and I have never been to the Orcutt Ranch also known as Rancho Sombra del Roble. The Ranch is Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument # 31, located in Canoga Park at the end of Roscoe Blvd. (23600 Roscoe Blvd)."

Residence Orcutt Ranch - photo by Art Jacobs May 2011
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        "The home was the vacation and retirement estate of William Warren Orcutt and his wife Mary Logan Orcutt. Mr. Orcutt was a pioneer of the oil production industry in California and discoverer of the prehistoric fossils at the LaBrea Tar Pits."

      Moorish doorway made of California Tiles - Photo by Art Jacobs 2011. Photo captures Art as well.

     "The adobe residence was completed in 1926 by L.G. Knipe, an architect known for designing some of the original structures of Arizona State University in Tempe. The home is surrounded by 24 acres of gardens and citrus orchards."

      Garden sundial at Orcutt Ranch - Photo by Art Jacobs 2011.  The Latin phrase Carpe Diem (made famous in modern times by Robin Williams in the film Dead Poets Society) reminds us that we should
"seize the day".  If you haven't paid a visit to our city owned Rancho Sombra del Roble, seize the opportunity like Art Jacobs did.

The three Divine Graces, in the gardens of Orcutt Ranch. 
Photograph by Art Jacobs May 2011.

     "In July the park allows the public to come on a schedules weekend to pick Valencia Oranges and White Grapefruit for a small fee. The gardens are beautiful as well as, the tile work located throughout the home. It depicts various scenes of days on the California Rancho."

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