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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Our Museum Community recognizes that schools and colleges have a primary responsibility to serve the needs and the constituencies for which they are created. But, it is outrageous when folks in the school-business or college-business fail to protect historical treasures or structures that they own. Where "public" schools, colleges and parks are concerned, it is important for institutions to understand that the people are the ultimate owners. At best school and college officials, even the boards that govern them are simply to be responsible stewards of historical artifacts.
Faced with the compulsion to sell or tear down historic treasures, school officials have a first responsibility to transfer ownership to those who are in the museum-business or conservation-business. Authorities at San Marino High School have an ethical responsibility to deed the 164 year old Michael White Adobe to a responsible museum community and to insure that the public has access to it.


Piece of San Marino history a victim of the times

164-year-old Michael White Adobe on the high school campus is barricaded as a hazard. Moving or restoring it is estimated at $1 million. The budget crisis makes demolishing it the most likely ending.
By Corina Knoll
September 22 2009
Which way to the Michael White Adobe?

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