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Thursday, September 10, 2009


At a recent meeting of the Valley Economic Alliance's Marketing Committee, I asked Nancy Bianconi as she was leaving the meeting, if she could give me a list of some of the important contemporary artists working in the No Ho Arts District. We believe that The Museum's walking tours of historic North Hollywood should include contemporary artists as well as those who were famous in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. As an example, I mentioned that Cher once worked as a candy counter person at El Portal Theatre. This is Nancy's email response today.

"I still can't believe about Cher working at El Portal.
Here are some tidbits....
- NoHo's one mile area has the highest concentration of theatres in one mile....more than anywhere except for New York.
- There are 50 recording studios in North Hollywood....we are the capital of recording studios
- AMP Rehearsal has some of the most economical rates in the country. Talk to Zavon, mgr about the top music people that rehearse there.
- Millennium is internationally known for HiPHip and provides rehearsal space for the top recording artists and dancers....Cher, Britney, Destiny's Child, Beyonce etc etc. Also does master classes with choreographers such as Wade Robson, choreographer for "So you think you can dance and Shane Sparks judge for "America's Best Dance Crew."
- Deaf West produced "Big River" which ran on Broadway. Many times, hearing impaired and non hearing impaired are paired for one role (one person standing in back of each other)
- The 18 ft Emmy statuette was designed by television engineer Louis McManua whose wife was the model for the muse of art uplifting the electron of science.
- Every week, hundreds of actors, dancers, vocalists come to NoHo for workshops/auditions/work.

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