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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


2009 The Year of Valley History

Beautiful Reseda Park - vintage postcard - Gift by Gerald Fecht to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

There are many simple ways to help build the collections and Library of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.
Besides being on the lookout for historic postcards of the Valley, we also need modern cards representing Valley communities.
Your Museum collects postcards because they give glimpses into the life and times of our communities. They tell the world what we (and visitors) think is important about where we live and work.
Years ago, photographs of people and homes were commonly printed on postcards. If cards have been mailed, we can often retrieve the year and place from where it was mailed. If we are lucky messages may be included. If you enjoy garage and estate sales, be on the lookout for snippets of Valley life, such as: report cards, yearbooks, photographs, maps, menus, business and Chamber of Commerce brochures, autographs, matchbook covers, political memorabilia, and event programs.
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Hoot said...

Speaking of saving Valley history, have you heard about Engine Co. 39 and its possible destruction?