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Monday, January 12, 2009


Flags of California - Photo by Phyllis Hansen 2009 - Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley (click on image to enlarge)

The Museum has many projects underway. You might ask, "why, since the Museum Community of the San Fernando Valley is at present without its own structure?" The answer lies in the importance of saving history now! In a moment of time, historical artifacts, personal stories, and historic explanations can disappear forever. But, there are other reasons why working on Museum projects can't wait around for a building. One of the most important of these is the vital support needed for San Fernando Valley historical organizations on an on-going basis.

In difficult times like this recession/depression, one readily hears arguments for not supporting the arts, historical preservation and "luxury" programs for children. If costs for civilization need to measured against economic "payoffs", supporting events such as the Campo de Cahuenga re-enactment held this week makes important economic sense. Each time people get out of their homes and off to Valley historic and cultural venues, they are likely to go to lunch, exercise their out-and-about times to purchase things or buy impulse items, or wear out those walking shoes.

Arts and culture make economic sense - just ask the citizens of Florence, Italy or little Ojai. The Museum of the San Fernando Valley calls for a collective effort to celebrate our reality of being in the center of the Cultural Capital of the World.

2009 - The Year of Valley History

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