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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


2010 The Year of Valley Adventures Northridge100
Northridge Middle School Raises Money for Hatian Earthquake Relief - Images donated by Judi Greenberg 2010 (click on image to enlarge) Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - Photo 1330
Northridge Middle School students raised over $2,200 for Hatian Earthquake Relief through the American Red Cross. - Photo 1331
Ms. Judy Greenberg shared the following information with the Museum Community about Northridge Middle School students making 21st century history. How lucky the San Fernando Valley is to have such a fine school and such great young people in our community. Here's what Judy has to say:

"Northridge Middle School held a special assembly on the school’s center quad on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 to present a check to the American Red Cross. Students, parents, and staff contributed to the PTSA’s Help for Haiti campaign which raised money for the earthquake victims.
Students at the school requested a chance to help others in need; the PTSA’s goal was to collect one dollar from each student which would equal about $1,000. At the assembly the check to the American Red Cross was for the amount of $2,205 and students contributed an additional $82 at the end of the program. The students certainly showed that character counts!
- Photo 1332
In addition to Charlie Sandou from the American Red Cross, John Bwarie was there representing City Councilmember Greig Smith, and Scott Sterling and Sher Hogan were there from the Northridge South Neighborhood Council. Mr. Sandou accepted the check from a group of students and when thanking the students commented that in Haiti the money collected equaled the amount six Haitians earn in one year.
Contributions included babysitting money, allowances, lunch money and whatever was in their pockets. Of the total amount, less than $600 was given by staff on the campus. The cafeteria staff donated and one of the teachers matched all that was contributed by his students.
The staff at Northridge Middle School is extremely proud of the students for their contributions and their caring toward others"
Ms. Judi Greenberg is a coordinator at Northridge Middle School. She's also coordinating the Northridge100 scholarship."

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is busy collecting the history of Northridge Middle School as well as stories and photos of students and the school over the years. If you have memorabilia about Northridge Middle School, contact The Museum of the San Fernando Valley at: 1 (818) 609-1665

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