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Friday, February 5, 2010


2010 The Year of Valley Adventures Dave High Collection

In the process of preparing photographs from the David High Collection, for the Buena Vista Country Historical Society's reveiw this next summer, I scanned this faded image of what appeared to be a man and two women. Just for fun, come along with me as enlargements and change from faded sepia to black and what was accomplished.
(refer to photograph 1113)

Looking at this photograph closer, we can see that there is a little girl and a dog in the family group as well. Since it was common in the northeast parts of the San Fernando Valley to use stones from the Tujunga Wash as building materials, and unlikely that stones would have been used in Iowa at this time, I am going on the hunch that this photo was taken about 1895 or 1900 in the Valley.

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Amber said...

Great details on this photo! But I'd say you're about 20 years too early on your guess for the date of the pic. The clothing is more late teens, early twenties.