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Sunday, February 21, 2010


2010 - The Year of Valley Adventures - Northridge100
Water Heater crashes into the Lo Presti's service porch
Destruction in the Lo Pristi family's kitchen.
Special thanks to Patricia Lo Pristi for sharing these graphic reminders of what transpired in the San Fernando Valley in only seconds in 1994.
For those of us, who make our homes here, it is not "if" another earthquake will occur, but "when." We've learned to live with baby safety latches on our cupboards and discovered the importance of a common telephone contact outside of town. Most important, we learned how important our friends and neighbors are to us. And, for the sake of history, how important it is to scan our photographs and protect our records.

Share your images of the 1994 earthquake and your life in the San Fernando Valley. Call 1 (818) 347-9665 to see how you can get involved in The Museum Community.

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