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Monday, February 8, 2010


2010 -- The Year of Valley Adventures --- Northridge100
Hallack Realty (interior - A) (image 1346) Entranceway.
J. Clare Hallack Realtors - Northridge, California (image 1345) These images are courtesy of Ms. Marnie Nemcoff, Vice President, Marketing, of the Matadors Community Credit Union.
Before this building became the home of the Matadors Community Credit Union, it was a headquarters for J. Clare Hallack Realtors.
In my early explorations of the San Fernando Valley, I recall seeing in the front window of the Hallack building a white marble bust of Saint Joan of Arc, that I had seen two decades before in the Davis ranch-home in Chatsworth.
A Northridge resident told Ms. Nemcoff that there was once"a million dollars' worth of antiques in the offices."

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Neil Bucknam said...

There was a small realty office originally on the corner of Nordhoff and Zelzah. That small one room building was eventually moved next door(just north) to the large J. Clare Hallack office shown in this picture. I believe it was used by the Hallack folks while the large office was being constructed. The small building eventually became a flower shop and remained on Reseda Blvd for several years until these buildings were razed.