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Thursday, November 26, 2009


If we could give a special award for vision and personal courage, it would be to Melissa and Casey Hallenbeck for their determination to save and resurrect California's oldest historic diner in North Hollywood. Here Casey and Melissa are shown at a November 24th reception by the USC Credit Union honoring their plans.
To add some fun to the occasion, Gary Fredburg, Secretary of the Museum's Board of Directors, secured this vintage recording by Phil Everly called "Phil's Diner." The original Phil's Diner is seen in the background of the album cover. After finding the album, Gary had it autographed for Casey and Melissa by Phil Everly. The Grand Opening of Phil's Diner is scheduled for April 10th.

Note: Folks who join us this Saturday at 10 am at the Amelia Earhart statue in North Hollywood Park, we get to see where Phil's Diner will come to life in April.

A great Museum of history and culture is growing in the San Fernando Valley.

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