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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Close up of the Lady - Pacoima mural at Haley and Rincon Streets - Photo by Gerald Fecht for The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - November 2009
The Mural with backgrounds removed.
Because I am fascinated by creative expressions of art and spirituality in public places,graffiti holds a special interest for me. The Museum's Board member, Elizabeth Morin is quick to remind us that there is a big difference between the vandalism of tagging and graffiti art.
In Pacoima, near the corners of Haley Street and Rincon Avenue, I encountered this alley mural. I always feel that something mysterious makes me make the wrong turn and see something like this.
So that you might share the impact of this artistic expression, I have presented the mural as it stands in the alley, as well as focusing on the face of the Virgin and just the mural panel. I took the liberty of calling her Our Lady of the Corner, Nuestra SeƱora del Rincon.

A great Museum of history and culture is emerging in the San Fernando Valley, in the heart of the Creative Capital of the World.

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