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Saturday, November 28, 2009


2009 - The Year of Valley History
Light Standard at the entrance of the US Post Office in North Hollywood. Enhanced to emphasize the standard's design, this light pole photo features traditional lion's feet legs and acanthus leaves sacred to both the Greeks and Romans. Excavations of near Mount Vesuvius at the time of the American Revolution popularized all things Roman, including the idea of a Republic and classical Roman designs. Those designs continue to be part of American architecture to this day.

2009 has been a year of important successes for your Museum. Among the most important are the Musuem's Walking Tours being developed by Richard Hilton. Anyone who has had the opportunity to see Richard in action, leading one of the historic North Hollywood walking tours, can readily see the amount of time and effort he has contributed.
Richard has several goals for 2010, including: a new and exciting walking tour of historic Van Nuys, and the development of docents to increase the number of available tours. We'll be hearing from Richard Hilton also as The Museum's chairman for Conservation Matters.

Thanks Richard so very much for all that you have done to build The Museum.

If you are interested in becoming a walking tour docent for The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, give us a call at:
1 (818) 347-9665

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