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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CHARMING - A Book Review by Fred Berk for The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Museum of the San Fernando Valley Book Review

CHARMING: Jewelry with a Message
By Phyllis Hansen
Brighton Collectibles, 2009

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is proud to have as a talented member of its Board of Directors the author a dazzling new book on charms. Phyllis Hansen, the writer of the work, explains that the history of charms goes back to ancient and medieval times, but this book concentrates mostly on the past century. If all the colorful and unusual charms pictured here were assembled in one museum exhibit, they would bring in the crowds for a long time. But you may just want to imagine they are all displayed for real before your own eyes, as you look back and forth through this gift-type book.

Fred A. Berk, Librarian

Note: The art direction for Charming was done by Laguna Beach designer Lori McFadden. She is also the designer of the logos of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley.