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Thursday, November 5, 2009


2009 The Year of Valley History

A reminder that the final LA Heritage Alliance meeting for 2009 on Saturday, November 7 at the Pico House at El Pueblo (at the southern end of Olvera Street and the plaza) in Downtown LA. The meeting will begin at 10am and will be completed by 12noon so you can enjoy a lunch or a tour on your own at Olvera Street. (A special thanks goes to El Pueblo and the City of Los Angeles for hosting the meeting.)
The topics to be included: an update on the online calendar and LA Heritage Day 2010, a discussion and creation of an action plan addressing the structure of the LA Heritage Alliance, county wide preservation alerts, and we'll have a short workshop on effective outreach techniques.
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's representatives at this event will be Matthew Gerred and Gary Fredburg - make sure to introduce yourself to them.
The Goddess Ceres - Collection of Janne and Jery Fecht - Tarzana.

Harvest festivals and Thanksgiving feasts have been part of human life throughout recorded history, and probably beyond. This hand woven object is viewed by most owners as just a fall decoration. It is in actuality the Goddess Ceres herself. Made from the last wheat taken at the harvest, this mother goddess insures her devotees of her return as Persophone in the Spring. Our ancestors knew that every season in life prepares us for the next.

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