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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


2009 The Year of Valley History

Ric Glazer Danay came to the San Fernando Valley as a high school boy, at a time when "Valley Car Culture" at a zenith. After serving in the military, he began studies at LA Pierce College, where he committed to a career in fine art. These details from his Valley Hard Hat sculpture, reflect memories of Reseda High School and his time in the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity at Pierce.
Souped up cars, rolled up Levis, girls and rock and roll - The San Fernando Valley.
A culture based on hot cars brought about drive in theaters, drive in restaurants and even drive in churches. Bob's Big Boy with its car hops and walk up fast food places like McDonalds and Cupid's Hot Dogs were part of the Valley world in which Ric Glazer Danay entered adulthood.
KFWB - Boss Jock Ted Quillen - and, Who Wrote the Book of Love - Where is Vietnam anyway?

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babbling brook said...

What a wonderful gift Mr. Glazer-Danay has made to the Museum community. I loved the program and event.