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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Bingville Article from The Arcade of North Hollywood High School - March 25, 1955 - Collection of Ray Martin (click on image to enlarge)
This student article suggests that the term Bingville for North Hollywood might have been around since 1938. The comic strip was popular at least a decade earlier and the word "Bingville" might have become a coming expression for a "Podunk" town, such as the unfortunate village in Iowa. But, most locations don't embrace negatives, so your author will go along with the Bing Crosby theory.
Remember "peggers"? These pants tightened around the calves to show off a fellow's leg muscles, and to keep from getting caught in bike chains.
"Can you dig it?" A "hip/jazz expression meaning "do you like or approve of this?"

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