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Monday, August 11, 2008


Historic flyer for Iverson Ranch event - permission to use on the blog of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley given by Darlene Estes 2008
All of us who seek to preserve the artifacts of the past and to piece together the history of the San Fernando Valley, know how quickly priceless records and treasures can be lost. Just recently the death of Danton Burroughs closed the door to his amazing knowledge of our city. After the great Northridge earthquake things of immeasurable value vanished. The Museum Community, for example, is very concerned over the historical house records of Orcutt Ranch. Your Museum joins with historians from the northwest Valley trying to locate these important papers.
Museum advisor Steve Falk is working to bring together the history of the horse ranches of Northridge and Granada Hills. When the great ranches were sold in the 1950s and 60s, their owners often moved to where horses were more welcomed - and, with their departure, the history of the ranches disappeared.
West Hills resident and Valley history preservationist, Darlene Estes calls our collective attention to the history of Iverson Movie Ranch. The great stuntmen and women who worked on the ranch once met regularly here (we think at the Sportsmen's Lodge). Will their histories vanish, along with the Sportsmen's Lodge itself?
Those interested in our Valley's ranch history or our entertainment industry history are urged to contact The Museum quickly. (818) 347-9665

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What a great flyer, thanks Darlene