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Thursday, July 19, 2007


DEUK PERRIN - President of the Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial Association - Friends of the Campo

Heroes are nothing new at America's Campo de Cahuenga. Brave Mexican generals - courageous American frontier soldiers - Campo de Cahuenga is literally the birthplace of California as an American state. It was on this hallowed ground that the bold Treaty of Cahuenga was signed. Campo saw California's own Paul Revere "Juan Flaco" on his desperate ride to bring American reinforcements to besieged Federal soldiers in Los Angeles. Campo was the gateway to the sacred all-year crossing of the Los Angeles River for the ancient Tongva and Chumash Indians. Great Butterfield stagecoaches rested their thirsty teams after braving a bandit riddled Cahuenga Pass. At Campo Mrs. Armitage Forbes and her allies saved California missions and adobes, and marked El Camino Real.
Today, yet another hero stands before the historic Campo de Cahuenga to ensure that the integrity of this precious site will endure. He is Deuk Perrin, the president and leader of the Campo de Cahuenga Memorial Historical Association - The Friends of the Campo.
Deuk Perrin will deny that he is a hero. He will rightfully say that he is only one more voice of Americans determined that the quality of the Campo experience will never be diminished. But, if a fair definition of a hero is the person who speaks for us all, Deuk Perrin is the man of the hour, a leader all of us need to stand up against reckless commercial expansion.


babbling brook said...

Hail to our chief! I second everything Jerry just wrote. Deuk is capable, committed, diplomatic, astute, quick-witted, fun and just simply brilliant. And, he makes the best jalapeno jelly.

Phyllis Hansen

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Here, here..... Deuk has a grand vision not only for what the Campo is, but for what it can and should be. To compliment his vision, Deuk has the patience, the personality and the persistance to see the vision through, no matter how long it takes. There is promise of great days ahead for the Campo thanks to Deuk Perrin.
Richard Bogy