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Friday, July 6, 2007


Pansy Window
Stained Glass
Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills


On June 27th, 2007, the Board of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley voted on the Museum's priorities. They are as follows:
Priority 1:
The Museum's immediate goal and primary focus shall be to establish a physical museum space/s to house a permanent collection, have an exhibit space, library, research area, offices, storage and meeting space.
Priority 2:
The Museum shall have as a secondary goal. progress toward the development of a distributed on-line Museum Community. This shall include an interactive website, a blog site, and list serve. A separate list serve shall be established for the purpose of alerting the Museum Community when historic sites/artifacts etc are in immediate danger.
Priority 3:
The Museum shall have as its third goal progress toward the creation of a Museum of the San Fernando Valley Federation.

It is customary among Americnans when asking someone for an opinion or thoughts to say "a penny for your thoughts." But, if the truth be known, the expression should be "a pansy for you thoughts." Shakespeare knew what he was writing, when he used pansy. It's a joke! Get it? A take off on the French word "pensée" or thought.
Your Museum needs your ideas and thoughts about our priorities. A pansy for your thoughts!
Jerry Fecht

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