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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Historic photo of Wilson Weddington and his cherished home.
Photo courtesy of Guy Weddington McCreary

It's hard to imagine, but within minutes the oldest home in Van Nuys came under the wrecking ball three weeks ago. Now the "Mother House of North Hollywood" is threatened with destruction. The historic Weddington House was built in 1905, possibly with components from a much earlier house shipped to the town of Lankershim from Storm Lake Iowa. The important dwelling was the home of Fred Weddington, the man who led the creation of what is now North Hollywood, California.
The Weddington House was moved from its original location in 1925, making the house "historic" but not the ground on which it stands. The Museum Community believes this grand old house deserves to be saved for today's use and for the edification of future generations.

Saving the Weddington House offers the opportunity for our Valley and City to be both creative and responsive. Let's move the Mother House of North Hollywood to the acreage next to historic Lankershim Station and bring to reality a fine historic park celebrating the role transportation has and continues to play in the history of the San Fernando Valley.

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