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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Rare Copy of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Campo de Cahuenga Library Collection

In the next few months, Campo de Cahuenga, one the most important historic sites in western America, will be closed for major renovations. But, the Directors of this "Crown Jewel of California History", will not take the time off!
Among their many activities, Campo supporters will be busy developing the next stage in the site's library.
Two heritage collections will be developed at the Campo Library. The first, containing books, manuscripts, photographs and documents about the creation of Campo de Cahuenga will honor the memory of Mrs. Armitage Forbes. Mrs. Forbes was the tireless woman who led a movement to preserve California's missions and adobes for today and future generations.
Mrs. Forbes knew that the ancient ruins of the original Campo de Cahuenga will always be at great risk. She and her associates saw to it that the present Campo Memorial was built and secured many of its early treasures. Campo de Cahuenga would be the place, not only to preserve our history, but also secure from the encroachments of commercial enterprises.
The second part of the Library, under development this summer, is the John C. Fremont collection. Fremont, who would be the first Republic candidate for the US presidency, secured the surrender of California in North Hollywood and established the "sea to shining sea" borders of the United States.
According to Deuk Perrin, president of the Campo de Cahuenga History Association, "the Forbes and Fremont collections will a great asset for the San Fernando Valley and ultimately for all of America."
Materials relating to the history of the Campo, the life and times of Mrs. Forbes and the amazing adventures and career of John C. Fremont are more than welcomed. Sponsorships for other Campo activities are available.

Stand up for future generations! Stand up for Campo de Cahuenga!

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