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Thursday, November 14, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY                2013

Nell Shipman's conservative Canadian parents worried about their "head strong" daughter. Nell's history was to prove them correct. As the British Empire struggled in the first World War, Nell decided to come to Hollywood. If the family rented a traditional home in Glendale, they believed they had a chance to influence their daughter's ambitions. They failed.
From 1917 to 1920 the Shipman family rented Nell what was to be the historic Doctor's House now in Brand Park in Glendale.

From the "little white house" on Wilson street, Nell launched an amazing life. She would become a silent screen actress, a writer, produced and director of avant guard motion pictures.

 Nell Shipman - 1892 to 1970

 Nell found herself liberated from family influences when the great influenza epidemic took the life of her mother and a stroke felled her father. By 1920 Nell was rid of her unwanted husband, a great scandal in those days. She used a modest inheritance to hire a staff and dive into film making. Nell Shipman demanded the fair treatment of women and children, and was a champion for early 20th century animal rights.

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