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Friday, November 1, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY              2013

The following is an email from Patti Dumbey in Carson City, Nevada:
"I am not quite sure how I found your article from July 5th but my did it bring back memories.  I just thought I would share the following.
My grandmother (Zola Christie) worked at Rathbuns for many, many years.  She was in charge of the gift wrap department and turned out the most beautiful packages you could imagine.  She and the gals she worked with had it down to an art form.  Believe it or not the gift wrapping was free with any purchase and your item was boxed in a real box (not fold down) with a real lid and they used real ribbon (satin) and always there was some sort of an artificial flower or greenery with some 'bling'.  The wrapping was almost better than the gift.
Museum note:  Zola Christie lived on Ledge Avenue in North Hollywood from 1954 to 1975 prior to her retirement.
One of the items that Rathbuns sold was a long box about a foot long and a good 2-1/2" wide of chocolate covered mint paddies.  They were hand dipped with a beautiful swirl of chocolate on the top.  They were packaged in the box vertically and they were THICK.  At least twice as thick as a York peppermint paddie.  The absolute highlight of Christmas was a box of these candies bought for everyone from Gammy.  They were EXPENSIVE, too.  I think they were AT LEAST $8.00.  In l954 that was a LOT of money for candy.  In the store you could also purchase them 1 at a time, if I remember correctly.   I can’t tell you the number of times I have typed ‘Rathbuns Dept store North Hollywood, CA chocolate covered mint candy recipe’ in hopes of finding even the manufacturer.
When I read the Rathbuns mention I immediately thought of Gammy, her gorgeous wrapping, those wonderful mints and shopping at the Valley Plaza with my Aunt Ring and Mom.  You always dressed up to shop at Rathbuns.  It was a beautiful beautiful store, 
I would love to know the history of the family that owned the departments store and why it’s not there anymore.  
Thank you so much for fond memories of good times when I read this article.

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