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Friday, November 1, 2013



On the last Wednesday of October, Scott Sterling (President of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley) led a bus tour of Los Angeles City planners to familiarize this very important staff with some of the assets of Valley architecture. He was assisted by Jerry Fecht, Secretary of The Museum's Board who related elements of the Valley's social history. One of the main stops was a visit to the Laurelwood Apartments designed in 1946 by the world famous architect R. M, Schindler.

Members of the Planning Department of the City of  Los Angeles prepare for their visit of the R. M. Schindler Laurelwood Apartments in Studio City.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley regularly conducts tours and lectures about the greater Valley to increase awareness of the value of our history, arts and culture.

 Laurelwood Apartments built just after the conclusion of the Second World War, was constructed with readily accessible materials.

A sense of openness was very important to the architect R.M. Schindler when he designed these apartments in 1946.

To our tour's delight, a resident who had inquired about our group, invited us into his apartment to see
how Schindler designed the space for comfortable living as well as a place to study or write.

Scott Sterling, aside from leading The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, is the owner of Sterling Construction Company. He made sure that his tourists saw Schindler's generous use of natural materials such as these wooden panels.

 Much effort was made by the architect to ensure a sense of space and light.

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