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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY             2013

     The Museum of the San Fernando Valley conducts an on-going study, and collection of artifacts, related to religious institutions and practices in our diverse communities. This week the archivist of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary in Montebello, California is amassing the history of the once important Catholic girls school, Our Lady of Corvallis for our Library. The school, no longer in Studio City, educated hundreds of women in our region.
     Two weeks ago, Gary Fredburg, vice president of The Museum acquired five "Cabrinian" yearbooks from the 1960s for our ever-growing library. (The Museum collects artifacts and memorabilia from both secular and parochial schools.) Inside of the yearbooks from Villa Cabrini were 4th and 5th grade report cards, and a religious medal of "Our Lady of Lourdes." The silver medal invokes the protection of the mother of Jesus as well as the intercession of Saint Bernadette Soubirous. A major Catholic parish in the north San Fernando Valley is named for this story.
      (Bernadette's vision of the Virgin Mary is the basis of a very famous American film called The Song of Bernadette, a Jennifer Jones and Vincent Price movie from 1943. The film played an important role in American civilian morale during the Second World War.)

Yesterday, November 19th, a longtime friend Clem Boyland joined me on one of my exploration walks along Ventura Boulevard. We were visiting places where he grew up and went to school. Clem attended Saint Cyril of Jerusalem school and church.

Clem Boylan of West Hills examines a bronze plaque on the front doors of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem Catholic church in Encino. The two images on the main doors depict the Virgin Mary receiving the message from the Angel Gabriel that she is to be the mother of the Messiah. 

 The side of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem church in Encino, showing the small bapistry and meditation chapel at the right.
Altar housing the Eucharist (small golden box with Greek letters chi and rho. Red light signifies that the Sacrament is present in the chapel.

 Mary holding the infant Jesus in the Encino chapel.

 Terrazzo floor in the chapel.

Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, with radiant beams of the Holy Spirit. 

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